Thursday, May 28, 2009

Open Government USA Update

The Office for Open Government in the Obama Administration is winding up the brainstoming Phase of their online engagement process however due to the level of interest they are keeping the site open until June 19th. Phase II opens on June 3rd. Please join in the conversation and shape the future of public policy in the USA. If you are an IAP2 member you will have also been invited to join a conversation through an internal social networking site. If you have missed this invitation and want to join in contact and we will connect you.

Conference Keynote Practitioners Announced

In the light of current public policy engagement in the USA with online brainstorming at the White House we are delighted to announce a participatory approach to the final day of the 17th International IAP2 Conference.

What if public engagement for sustainable decisions is becoming the new normal in our governments, schools, businesses, and other systems? What is the promise? What is the price? How do we seize the moment?

The morning of Wednesday September 23rd will be spent exploring one of our field's most pressing challenges: how do we make public engagement more integral to our systems? Let's see what creative solutions, ideas, and even next steps can we come up with together! Sandy Heierbacher, Director of the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD), and Myriam Laberge & Brenda Chaddock of the Masterful Facilitation Institute will lead this highly experiential session using innovative participatory techniques that you can take back home.

Don't sit on the sidelines - join in the discussion and be there to shape the future.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

US Policy Announcement : Open Government

The White House open government initiative and the start of online public engagement on the open government recommendations is now launced on line
Check it out and let us know what you think.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

IAP2 Welcomes Office of Public Engagement in USA

Governments world wide are seeking ways to ensure that they remain relevant, open and transparent to their constituencies. This week the Obama Administration announced the directive for the newly named Office of Public Engagement. The announcement underscores the Web 2.0 generation, social media and net savvy communications and consultation.

The IAP2 International Conference in September in San Diego will have a number of sessions and a stream for practitioners and policy makers on the tips, tools and techniques for this generational shift in civic involvement.

IAP2 foundations embrace consensus building in democracies. These foundations include a tried and tested process, training and set of tools that can be applied to enhance transparency and quality of decision-making. They are designed to improve the quantum and quality of public input by using a range of existing traditional platforms and emerging information communication technologies.

Appealing to public policy makers, practitioners and researchers, this year's conference theme Making Sustainable Decisions: the Price and Promise of Public Participation acknowledges that this work does come at a price and therefore has its own rewards! Investing your time to come to San Diego and join in these deep and necessary conversations will be well worth the effort!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Core Values Awards - Submissions Open Until June 1st

Do you have an award winning story of public participation to tell? The IAP2 International Core Values Awards are now open. Find out how you can put in an award winning submission by following the instructions and guidance of one of last year's winners Geoff Wilson from Capital Health in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. As IAP2 International President Anne Pattillo says "we are too modest about our achievements". So hear is your chance to go loud and showcase your work to the world! Get your submissions in by June 1st 2009 using the new style guide to ensure the same standards will be used by the judges. Any questions please contact