Friday, August 20, 2010

RFP: Train-the-Trainer Certificate Program Development

IAP2 is request proposals for a project to develop a Train-the-Trainer process for the Certificate in Public Participation. If you have an interest in this field please click here for the RFP. Submissions will close on September 3rd at 4pm (GMT).

Friday, August 6, 2010

Update from Australasia

This week four new trainer candidates from Australia were put through their paces and are completing their requirements to be licensed to IAP2 to deliver the Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation course jointly developed by Peter Sandman and IAP2.

The candidate trainers are Tammie Reid (Western Australia), Emily Jenke (South Australia), Bruce Turner (Victoria) and Matt Hart (Queensland) and in the photo you will see them being congratulated by IAP2 Training Director (Gale Simpson) and Train-the-Trainer instructor and one of the developers of the course Stephani Roy McCallum from Canada.

The Australasian Affiliate also announced this week that 1,000 people this year alone have come to IAP2 events across Australia and New Zealand in all kinds of networking events. This is on top of the training being conducted by the Affiliate and trainers to their clients, communities, public authorities and commercial agencies. Congratulations Australasia!

Australasia have advised IAP2 that they are in the process of completing their documentation to come to the Board to be considered for Affiliation in the Federation of IAP2 which comes into being on January 1st 2011.