Sunday, January 30, 2011

IAP2 Canada

President of the IAP2 Canada Interim Board, Bob Waldon, proudly announced to all at the Wild Rose Signature Event last week that IAP2 Canada had been formally accepted into the Federation of IAP2.

The first decision of the year taken in the new Federation was to accept IAP2 Canada.

IAP2 Canada are now in the final stages of putting their infrastructure together so that they are able to support members, extend the practice and further develop and lead public participation in Canada.

There are plenty of opportunities for IAP2 members in Canada to get involved and if you are interested in being a part of volunteer team behind the scenes supporting the growth of IAP2 Canada please don't hesitate to contact Bob Waldon directly.

You can also keep up to date informally with information and events by visiting the Canadian facebook group. Current news on facebook is a message from Anne Harding who is seeking input on member engagement within IAP2 Canada members. Let Anne know your thoughts about how IAP2 Canada might engage with its own members - she looks forward to hearing from you!