Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Announcement: New Partnership for IAP2 with DDC

IAP2 would like to announce that it is joining the Deliberative Democracy Consortium’s Journal of Public Deliberation.

For the past three years IAP2 has been publishing the International Journal for Public Participation, as a result of a series of opportunities IAP2 has now formed a partnership with the Journal of Public Deliberation.

This partnership will see more content from practitioners in the Journal for Public Deliberation, the appointment of Dr Lyn Carson as essay editor on behalf of IAP2 and a broad international community of practitioners and researchers networking on line to build debate and dialogues in the field.

IAP2 President Desley Renton said “this initiative builds on the foundations of both journals and will extend the discourse in the field with readers benefitting from firsthand experience of public participation practitioners”.

DDC Executive Director Matt Leighninger said "We are very excited about this new partnership. Working together on JPD will help our networks strengthen the critical links between research and practice, and better support democratic innovation throughout the world."

For more information about the Journal of Public Deliberation contact:
David Procter and Timothy Steffensmeier co-editors
Institute for Civic Discousrse and Democracy (ICDD)
Kansas State University
E-mail: icdd@k-state.edu

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Board Approves USA Application for Affiliation

Today the IAP2 Board approved the application from the USA as an Affiliate in the Federation of IAP2 which will commence on Jan 1 2011.

The application was acclaimed by Board members for its quality of presentation, content and activity plans for the year ahead.

In its submission which was presented by Theresa Gunn, IAP2 member of the Grand Canyon Chapter it said that:

IAP2 USA will build on work of existing chapters by supporting, promoting and helping expand these local programming efforts. Over time, IAP2 USA will begin creating and hosting national programming. Despite its initially limited resources, IAP2 USA will focus on delivering value immediately upon launch while working closely with our members to expand our offerings according to their needs. We expect the new board to create the appropriate support structure for this important area of the organization.

Potential activities are listed below.

• Coordinate, organize, promote, co-sponsor and otherwise support regional and local events
and get-togethers in both existing and new locations, alone or in cooperation with existing or emerging chapters or other third-party organizations.

• Coordinate, organize, and promote webinars addressing current issues of the field.
• Hold one national event

Member services:
• IAP2 USA website, launched September 1, 2010
(chapter news, member and industry news, event and training calendar, job board, etc.)
• IAP2 USA member intranet (self-service member management, member database, business networking, etc.)

• Coordinate, sponsor and promote official IAP2 training opportunities

• Help promote other qualifying training opportunities of interest to IAP2 USA members and non-members.
• Partner with qualifying non-IAP2 programs and co-sponsor
third-party training opportunities where appropriate.

• Support, promote and facilitate qualifying research efforts by members, third-party organizations or IAP2 International.
• Host "Core Values Awards" or comparable process to recognize excellence in the field.

The IAP2 Board looks forward to the implementation of this exciting and ambitious agenda of activity for members benefit in the USA!