Monday, October 25, 2010

IAP2 Welcomes France to the Federation

On Saturday 23rd October in Scarborough, UK the submission for Affiliation with soon to be created IAP2 Federation from France was accepted and approved.

Board members "hummed" La Marseillaise to welcome the submission which was presented by Board Member Joana Janiw.

Click here to watch and hear Joana and hear the acclaim from Board members from Canada, UK, Australia and USA.

Gilles-Laurent Rayssac, President of AIP2 said in his correspondence to accompany the submission "Now the world needs public participation to be improved, supported and advocated. If democracy is to rely on national or local legitimate governments, it also needs to be enriched through participatory practices".

The leadership of France within Europe and the Franco-phone community in supporting IAP2 as an Association to grow and its values and principles of practice in public participation is an exciting development for the Association.

Welcome France!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Train-the-Trainer Consultancy Underway

IAP2 is pleased to announce an international group of experienced trainers and consultants have been brought together under the Pattillo banner to be led by Anne Pattillo in association with Viv McWaters, Stephani Roy McCallum and John Miller to undertake the design and development of a process to train future trainers for the organisation's Certificate Program in Public Participation. This project is now underway and will include a range of opportunities for consultation with trainers licensed to IAP2, IAP2 clients and members. The consultants will connect with key stakeholders and advisers to this project. The final products will include a new process to deliver the train-the-trainer sessions, future application and selection criteria for prospective instructors of the Certificate program. Stay tuned!