Sunday, September 27, 2009

Model Leadership From the Canadian Training Collective

The CTC went ABCD this past week! Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.

The four women who make up the Canadian Training Collective have set a new benchmark for supporting IAP2. Like previous leadership of training groups such as Twyfords in Australia, the CTC have this year, individually and collectively demonstrated their commitment to IAP2.

Individually: Stephani Roy Mc Callum as Past President of IAP2 was commissioned by the IAP2 to lead the project to develop a new training course (Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation). Through her own company she also provided Silver Sponsorship to this year's international conference and sponsored the tote bags and lanyards for delegates. Jan Bloomfield as President of the Wild Rose Chapter in Canada supported Wild Rose as the Gold Sponsor for the Conference and led the delegation from Alberta - more delegates than from any other State in North America to this year's conference. Gale Simpson is the Training Director of the IAP2 Board and is leading major reforms in training for IAP2 poising it for growth in the year's ahead. Gay Robinson is the elected Canadian member of the IAP2 Training Committee and leading a key area for that committee in financial modelling for licensing fees for the year ahead.

Collectively: The CTC hosted a reception for delegates at the conference and offered a trade table for delegates to learn more about their work. This was topped off with a business card draw for a free place at a training course. The CTC are also piloting a partnership arrangement with IAP2 for training in Vancouver in November on a course they are delivering and have developed. The CTC are also offering opportunities for others in the IAP2 community to be guest trainers.

This model of working co-operatively is very exciting and IAP2 looks forward to seeing more of these type of approaches emerging. The US Training Consortium worked together this year to achieve ACIP credits for US based Certificate training. These are the type of innovations and initiatives a thriving IAP2 training business can offer to the world!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Market Creek Plaza Field Trip

IAP2 Conference delegates learnt the history, hopes and sheer determination that has been and still is Market Creek Plaza. Australasian Affiliate Board member, Kimbra White reported : "What a wonderful experience we had - local heros depicted in sculptures and street art; Samoan dancers and children rehearsing for upcoming community events and local guide Roque Barros made it a great learning opportunity." Other feedback from delegates included:
"this is a fine example of a community that has kept on keeping on"; "truly inspiring"; "thanks IAP2 for putting on this field trip".

Chicano Park Field Trip

Rave reviews from the delegates attending the Chicano Park Field Trip. Local tour guide Mario Torres shared the stories, the feelings and the transformative effect of the Chicano Park murals - and the 'tourists' were deeply moved by the whole experience. After the tour they enjoyed delicious, home-made corn tortilla's followed by Mexican pastries from the bakery next door to the taco shop. Many thanks to IAP2 host, Bennett Peji for making it such a memorable experience!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Core Value Awards 2009

The 2009 Core Values Awards winners and finalists were honored at an elegant dinner on Monday, September 21st during the 17th Annual IAP2 conference in San Diego, California, USA.

The ceremony, emceed by KGTV NewsChannel 10 reporter, Lauren Reynolds, included remarks by Geoff Wilson, co-chair of the Core Values Awards Committee and the 2008 Project of the Year Award winner and Marty Rozelle, co-chair of the Core Values Awards Committee and IAP2 President 1997-99.

The Project of the Year Winner is Scarborough Renaissance Partnership, United Kingdom. The Project of the Year Core Values Award is given to projects that have achieved a definable outcome. They must be complete or have significant phases of the project completed. Project awards are presented to the sponsoring organization. John Thompson and Charles Campion were there to accept the award on behalf of the project. John put the challenge and invitation to IAP2 to join with them to partnership and knowledge transfer opportunities and introduced delegates to The Academy of Urbanism.

A Special Innovation Award was introduced for the first time in IAP2 history. Each year going forward, IAP2 will focus on a specific area of innovation in P2 and in 2009, the award focused on the use of technology (social media strategies and Web-based tools). The inaugural Innovation Award winner is the North West Local Health Integration Network, Ontario, Canada for their project to engage the community of Ontario, Canada on health care planning and delivery.

The judges, Geoff Wilson, Dr. Patricia Wilson, Dr. Alice Sui, Chad Foulkes, Lynn Gillette, Sandra McBrayer and Sandy Heierbacher, also bestowed a Special Recognition Award to the Australian Citizens' Parliament, new Democracy project, New South Wales.

The Project of the Year Finalists were:

Dauphin Island Strategic Planning for Sustainability, Town of Dauphin Island, Alabama USA

The Forum Foundation, Washington, USA

The IAP2 Core Values Awards recognizes excellence and innovation in the field of public participation guided by the seven IAP2 Core Values for Public Participation.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Kick off in San Diego

Mayor Jerry Sanders opened the conference and from first hand experience explained the consequences of what happens when public lose trust in government, and the outcomes of rebuilding that trust. He gave a wonderful overview of what happens when decisions aren't sustainable and told delegates how this is being addressed now, for the future, in San Diego. When public officers and elected officials misuse their trust and position it leads to more than a financial crisis. The path ahead is built on decisions that will stand the test of time and he gave delegates some fine examples of how those relationships at the community level are the very foundations. With the room full of experts in the field of public participation from around the world there were no arguements there!

President of IAP2, Anne Pattillo told delegates that "sustainable decision making for IAP2 is powerful and deceptively simple. It sits at the foundation of our practice. It requires decision making focused on the future and our hopes, aspirations, concerns and goals. An engagement practice that demands on being clear about the decisions to be made and grounded on the values that underpin the best practice and philosophy of the people involved.

" IAP2's contribution to the need to live more sustainably is and has always been ensuring that the social dynamic has people affected by the decision with the most powerful voice in decision making. Decision making that balances technical, financial and environmental factors with the relativity and richness of life and living.

"Now more than ever the decisions required to make the changes required to adapt and build our family, community and national resilience cannot simply be made in senates and at Council tables but must also be made in communities and in families and at kitchen tables."

Anne welcomed delegates and thanked them for accepting the invitation to come to the conference table and then to lead these conversations all over the world as researchers and practitioners.

We will be blogging throughout the conference ... more to come ...

My San Diego

To the sounds of Marachi musicans, with the sun setting and delegates gathering, local IAP2 conference convenor Lewis Michaelson welcomed people from around the world to the city of San Diego and state of California. Bennett Peji shared some of the sites of the city and environs reminding everyone gathered of the sense of place and the international flavour and intense cultural life of the region. International President of IAP2, and President of the Australasian Affiliate of IAP2, New Zealander Anne Pattillo encouraged everyone to enjoy the city, the progam but most of all each other as they learn and play together at the 17th International conference. The Program committee were delighted to have such a wonderful event and co-chair, Deborah Eastlick, immediate Past President of the Wild Rose Chapter from Calgary, Canada and not to be too distracted by all the wonderful attractions of the city!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Are You Serious about Sustainability?

Like charity, sustainability begins at home! This year's international conference is going green - efforts are being made to reduce the eco-footprint of delegates - food being served is coming predominantly from local markets, conference program and resources are on flash drives, recyled materials have been used for the conference tote bag, hotel supporting sustainability practices as well. The conference theme: Sustainable Decision-Making will lead delegates through a process that supports the foundations of the Association : Being decision-orientated, goal focussed and values based. Throughout the conference there will be stories at the local, national and international level on how decision-making can be sustainable and how sustainable decisions can be made. The conference program will be rich in opportunities to learn from delegates, presenters and the wonderful environment that the city of San Diego offers. On conference eve, delegates are starting to arrive from around the world. Pre conference training began on Friday and included people from Australia, Canada, USA and Singapore.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Citizens Voice

During the IAP2 Conference three films will be shown that will demonstrate different methods of citizen's voice. A short film called Nothing Short of a Miracle tells the story of local people in an outer metropolitan suburb in South Australia making their own future through community management - and having more success that the US President did when he was a community organiser if you read his own account in Dreams of My Father. You will also be able to hear from Prof James Fishkin directly and view his film on deliberative democracy : Europe in One Room. Jim will be there to take your questions and his new book about this project is on its way! Finally, Issues Deliberation Australia/America will be showing their award winning film Beyond Beliefs, using the deliberative poll method invited by Jim on an issue of national importance in Australia - Muslims and non-Muslims in Australia. The matters raised in this part of the world also have international ramifications for many Western democracries as well. And for good measure there will be popcorn too!

The White House's Office of Public Engagement launched earlier in the year the results of their collection of the Citizen's Voice in the Citizen's Briefing Book and many of the ideas and issues will be interest to IAP2 members worldwide -it is another way of listening into the citizen's voice. Around the world more and more leaders are recognizing that "government does not have all the answers, and that public officials need to draw on what citizens know " (US President Obama).

These films and this resource give you the chance to hear first hand what everyday citizens are saying to government and saying to one another.