Tuesday, March 30, 2010

President's video message

Desley Renton making an announcement of the recent Board decision

Monday, March 29, 2010

Federation Announcement

Message from the President

Thank you to all of our members for your participation in the Member Engagement process which overwhelmingly supported a Federation governance model.

The member feedback led to the consensus decision that this is best achieved at the local level via a Federation of Affiliates. This was clearly reflected in the feedback to the Board's proposition. Input and energy at the local level leads to a vibrant and unique member experience of IAP2. The building block for this will be Affiliates.

The exsiting Chapters, Affiliates and emerging Affiliates have set the bedrock for this transition. This collective wisdom and experience gives us the confidence to take this next step.

While there are still many details to be worked out, Affiliates will be self governing, financially viable and empowered to determine their own scope of work within IAP2 Foundations.

Affiliates will drive practice improvement and membership services. The Federation of Affiliates will focus on an exciting international agenda.

Until such time as the transition is completed all operations will continue to be maintained as they are at present.

The Board is confident that the first stage of this transition to Federation will be in place by 1st January 2011. We remain committed to engagement with members through the coming weeks and months of transition to the new governance model.

On behalf of the Board I would like to thank the many people who helped us to reach this incredible milestone in our evolution.

We now take the next step in our development as an Association. I am excited about the promise and opportunity for the practice. I look forward to working with you all as we move forward together. As always, I can be reached at president@iap2.org

Desley Renton
IAP2 President

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Participation in Board Meeting

Board members Anne Carroll (pictured on skype), John Godec and Geoff Wilson joined the Board meeting via telephone and video.

This enabled consensus decision-making, small group work and advancement of the agenda.
Board Members in Melbourne were: (L to R) from the top Gale Simpson, Terry Koch, Moira Deslandes (Executive Director), Dr Lyn Carson, Kimbra White, Lucy Cole-Edelstein, Amelia Shaw, Desley Renton (President) and Stephanie Boone-Shaw.

Friday, March 26, 2010

UPdate from the Board Meeting: Saturday Afternoon

The IAP2 Board continued in the afternoon and worked on the roles and responsibilities and the criteria for the Federation and for Affiliates and emerging Affiliates. As Board Member Amelia Shaw from Canada said " we have got the bones and now it is time to put flesh on those bones". On Sunday the Board will develop a timeframe to step out and scope the next actions for Federation to be the governance structure for IAP2.

UPdate from Board Meeting: Session Saturday Morning

This morning the IAP2 Board made the consensus decision to become a Federation. The Board Members universally thanked all members who contributed to the process with their thoughts and ideas sharing in focus groups, on line consultation, chapter, country and continental discussions. A vote of thanks was also extended to Dr Gary Cox for his work in collating a summary and synthesis of all the input.

The Board are now spending the afternoon to identify roles, responsibilities, criteria for the Federation, Affiliates and Emerging Affiliates. The final step will be to identify the timeline and steps for transition.

If you want to be a "virtual" visitor to the meeting please register at iap2hq@iap2.org

A set of slides and all agenda papers are on the governance section for members www.iap2.org

Australasia Hosts International Board

International Board members were hosted by the Australasian Affiliate this afternoon to welcome them to Melbourne for their Board Meeting. This event was the third in the day held by the Australasian Affiliate. The day began in Federation Square where the Victorian Committee held a sold out Leadership breakfast with almost 200 people in room listening and learning from the Victorian Chairperson of the Environment Protection Authority Cheryl Batagol and the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Melbourne, Dr Kathy Alexander. This was followed by an invitation only State of the Practice Summit Workshop faciliated by evaluation expert Dr Jess Dart.

The first session of the Board meeting was an opportunity for board members to connect up and review their year, and share their aspirations.
Tomorrow the Board heads into a decision-making phase and there will be regular updates on this blog. Any members interested in dialing in to be 'virtually' at the meeting please send an email to iap2hq@iap2.org and you will be forwarded the details.

Moira Deslandes, Executive Director, IAP2

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Information for IAP2 Members Only

If you are a member of IAP2 and would like to register your interest to attend "virtually" the Board meeting in Melbourne from March 26-28 please let iap2hq@iap2.org know before March 24th midnight Pacific Time (US/Canada) so that you can be sent the details on how to participate.

IAP2 Board will be making a decision about the future governance arrangements of the Association having completed a three month worldwide member engagement process.

The agenda is available on the IAP2 Members Only section of the Association's website.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Board Meeting March 26-28 2010

If you are an IAP2 member and would like to attend, either in person or virtually, the next Board meeting please register your interest at iap2hq@iap2.org . All members will receive an eNews next week with more details.

The March 2010 meeting is the first face-t0-face meeting of the Board and will be held in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. President Desley Renton works at the City of Melbourne and it will be an opportunity to also learn from members of the Australasian Affiliate who are hosting a leadership event and a State of the Practice workshop. Posts will be placed on the blog during the March Board meeting if you want to stay in touch.